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Crowdfunding Your Business
Your First Customers    ARE    Your Angel Investors
Free Internet Money For Your Business Is Better Than Grants, Loans or Venture Capital
Business schools used to teach that you had to raise money for your business by finding venture capital and/or applying for government loans at some brick and mortar bank. But crowdfunding is the new method of starting projects by raising money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. This means you don't have to adopt some shark tank angel investors to be your new boss... just as you are finally trying to become your own boss.

Even more importantly, it also means that you can start by selling pre-orders to your future customers... before you've even started your business! Since finding customers or clients is the single most important part of any business, moving this step to the beginning of the process is a total game-changer. A small business revolution!

Crowdfunding is not for everyone, and not for every business model, but it is definitely a route worth considering. If you are not trying to start a business, but just looking for more work or extra income, there are endless peer-to-peer solutions in the new sharing economy worth investigating.

On this page you can explore a growing list of different crowdfunding platforms currently available on the internet. Most of these provide tools you can use to raise money for your new or expanding business, but you can also select other categories below from health to housing:
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We looked around and saw that while crowdfunding was helping entrepreneurs, ​creative projects, and large nonprofits raise ​funds, it was not spreading to some of the communities that needed it most - our schools, our community groups, and our youth. We asked why and spent ​the next ​2 years on the ground trying to answer that question. Piggybackr is our answer. We've built an online ​fundraising ​platform that is ​instructional, safe for all ages, and team focused. Because community crowdfunding really is a joint effort among friends, family, community members, local businesses, and brands passionately helping each other reach their fullest potential. Piggybackr wouldn't be possible without our community of young people, parents, teachers, coaches, ​administrators, mentors, ​businesses, nonprofits, and donors ​all ​striving to do big things for their communities. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Young children, students, and teams
Young students may raise money. Compliant with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
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