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ABOUT is a new website by Matthew Lesko's Information USA which complements It has been created to make much of his decades of research easier to search, as well as providing access to new online tools and research to help you invent the life you love to live. Most government money and programs are for entrepreneurs of ALL INCOME LEVELS! You've already paid your fair share in taxes. Stop letting the fat cats take advantage of most of it.

Business Money Search

In recent years, more and more government information is being provided in easier ways for researchers like Lesko to access. We have collected and organized 788 programs related to information for businesses large and small from a number of different data streams (called APIs: application programming interfaces). This site also provides you a new way to search through Lesko's big database of 3,576 government programs for business at the federal, state, and local levels.

These are wide range of programs like grants and loans for starting or expanding your business. There are also countless free services and expert assistance which you might otherwise pay for if you fall for slick advertising online, like help writing a business plan, applying for government money, protecting your inventions, and help complying with liscensing requirements and regulations.

This type of program search engine will soon be expanded with 13,000 more programs providing help with most other aspects of life beyond business covered on

Government Money Maps

Find Money & Help Lesko's first map shows you all the locations which you can contact for help finding the money or any other assistance you need to start or expand your own business. Here you can easily find every official and partner offices for the Small Business Administration and all Small Business Development Centers. You can also offices just for women entrepreneurs, and veteran entrepreneurs.

Who Got Money? For many businesses of all sizes, the government plays more than just the role of the tax man. Sometimes it plays the role of a bank, providing the money for business loans. Sometimes it's more like a parent, providing grants or loans which don't really need to be repaid. And far more often than these, government contracts make it one of the biggest customers in the country. This data set comes the closest to being truly "Big Data" with over 4 million records of government grant recipients since 2000, loan recipients since 1990, and contracts just in 2013. These can also be filtered and searched aside from the map.

CFPB Bad Banks There is also a map with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's data on bank complaints. Complaints help them understand the financial marketplace and protect consumers against bad banks and financial institutions.
(described more below)

Crowdfunding Your Business/Life

Your First Customers ARE Your Angel Investors! Crowdfunding is the new method of starting projects by raising money from a large number of people. This means you don't have to adopt some shark tank angel investors to be your new boss... just as you are finally trying to become your own boss. Even more importantly, it also means that you can start by selling pre-orders to your future customers... before you've even started your business! Since finding customers or clients is the single most important part of any business, moving this step to the beginning of the process is a total game-changer. A small business revolution! Here you can find a relatively small collection of crowdfunding platforms to explore for your business our countless other aspects of life.

The New Sharing Economy

The new sharing economy provides endless ways for you to make easy extra money in your free time, or buy things or services from other people doing the same. You can also use these tools to bring your independent freelance work to a consistent level where it really becomes your own business. And if you don't find a peer-to-peer solution for something that you need, perhaps you can build a peer-to-peer solution and start your own business in that unfulfilled niche of the sharing economy. On this page you can explore a relatively tiny list of popular peer-to-peer platforms currently available on the internet. Most provide tools you can use to solve common needs OR make money providing services like you have a flexible freelance job.

Lesko's Video Archive

Instead of airing his legendary commercials over the past few years, Matthew has been creating hundreds of videos to publish on YouTube. Some videos have interviews with entrepreneurs who have successful received money or help. Some have government experts who are the ones giving out money and services. Other videos provide research, life lessons, philosphy, and inspiration straight from Matthew for you. He has also begun doing live Q&A Google Hangouts which can be found here too. Here you can filter, search, and explore his 2,567 videos tagged with many topics, and a bit more organized than the YouTube channel.

More Cool Tools...
Fattest Franchise Failures From Oct 1, 2001 through Sept 30, 2011, the Small Business Administration awarded 33,743 loans for a total of $12.7 Billion to 578 Franchises with an average failure rate of 21.56%. It is amazing how much money for small businesses goes to franchises, and how many of those loans don't get paid back. Here you can search, sort, and explore this interesting data provided by the SBA.

CFPB Bank Complaints Each week, the recently created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau receives thousands of new complaints about financial products and services. Complaints help them understand the financial marketplace and protect consumers. Here you can filter, search, and explore this database of 408,428 complaints against banks and other financial companies. Complaint totals for every state and zip code can also be viewed as one of Lesko's maps.

What Does 'Big Data' Mean?

"Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large or complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing applications."

Technically, the majority of the information found here on this site is not really big enough to be called 'big data', but it probably is more than you'ld want to play with in Excel. The Government Money Map is closer to the big data spectrum, with millions of records from online and offline government sources going back all the way to 1990. We are calling this site "Big Data Lesko" as we hope to provide access to more and more large data sets which are now available online, and because it sounds fun too. is a new work in progress. It is designed to work best using Firefox or Chrome, and mobile apps for these tools will be coming soon too.

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