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Crowdfunding Your Business
Your First Customers    ARE    Your Angel Investors
Free Internet Money For Your Business Is Better Than Grants, Loans or Venture Capital
Business schools used to teach that you had to raise money for your business by finding venture capital and/or applying for government loans at some brick and mortar bank. But crowdfunding is the new method of starting projects by raising money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. This means you don't have to adopt some shark tank angel investors to be your new boss... just as you are finally trying to become your own boss.

Even more importantly, it also means that you can start by selling pre-orders to your future customers... before you've even started your business! Since finding customers or clients is the single most important part of any business, moving this step to the beginning of the process is a total game-changer. A small business revolution!

Crowdfunding is not for everyone, and not for every business model, but it is definitely a route worth considering. If you are not trying to start a business, but just looking for more work or extra income, there are endless peer-to-peer solutions in the new sharing economy worth investigating.

On this page you can explore a growing list of different crowdfunding platforms currently available on the internet. Most of these provide tools you can use to raise money for your new or expanding business, but you can also select other categories below from health to housing:
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Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. Kickstarter has reportedly received more than $1.5 billion in pledges from 7.8 million backers to fund 200,000 creative projects, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology and food-related projects. People who back Kickstarter projects are offered tangible rewards and one of a kind experiences in exchange for their pledges. This model traces its roots to subscription model of arts patronage, where artists would go directly to their audiences to fund their work. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Creative projects
Highest funded projects to date.
Wikipedia Page


CommonBond lowers the cost of graduate education in the U.S. Our platform saves borrowers money on their student loans and allows investors to earn a financial return. CommonBond is a values-driven financial services company and we are reimagining finance as community, not commodity. Our mission is to deliver service through advocacy, simplicity through technology, community built on human connections, value, and a Social Promise to help empower underprivileged communities. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Student loans
Funded by crowdsourcing and large investors.
Wikipedia Page


By combining a crowd-funding platform with an online television channel, Mobcaster is the first and only place to find original, independent, audience-supported television shows. It gives aspiring and experienced TV makers a platform to fund, broadcast and monetize their TV shows. Using Mobcaster's crowd-funding platform and social media tools, TV makers can build their audience and fund their productions. Audiences can pledge directly to the TV shows they want to see instead of being flooded with unwanted content through expensive cable packages. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: TV shows
Wikipedia Page


ClassWish is a nonprofit organization that addresses the shortage of funding for supplies and equipment in K-12 schools. ClassWish has the items shipped directly to the schools at no cost to the school or teacher. ClassWish empowers parents, educators, and local communities to make a positive change in their children's lives by providing them with the supplies they need to learn, grow and excel. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Education crowdfunding for school and teacher supplies
Allows tax-deductible support of any school and any teacher in the U.S.
Wikipedia Page

Our mission is to fund science that moves us forward. As a society, we are in a position to study, learn, and innovate more than ever before. Yet there is one major bottleneck: funding. In recent years, it's become increasingly difficult for new ideas to get off the ground, especially the innovative and high-risk ideas with the biggest impact. Since 2010, 80% of principal investigators spend more time writing grant proposals and 67% are struggling with less funding. 'Big science' has become synonymous with 'budget cuts'. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Fund scientific research
No tangible awards are given for backing, only personal satisfaction. Formerly called Microryza.
Wikipedia Page


We looked around and saw that while crowdfunding was helping entrepreneurs, ​creative projects, and large nonprofits raise ​funds, it was not spreading to some of the communities that needed it most - our schools, our community groups, and our youth. We asked why and spent ​the next ​2 years on the ground trying to answer that question. Piggybackr is our answer. We've built an online ​fundraising ​platform that is ​instructional, safe for all ages, and team focused. Because community crowdfunding really is a joint effort among friends, family, community members, local businesses, and brands passionately helping each other reach their fullest potential. Piggybackr wouldn't be possible without our community of young people, parents, teachers, coaches, ​administrators, mentors, ​businesses, nonprofits, and donors ​all ​striving to do big things for their communities. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Young children, students, and teams
Young students may raise money. Compliant with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
Wikipedia Page


PledgeMusic gives artists the tools, services and support that they need to create music, videos, merchandise, exclusive events and personalized fan experiences that, until now, has never been available in one place. PledgeMusic does not discriminate, whether an artist is signed to a major label or an indie, are on their starting jog or victory lap, PledgeMusic is, at its core, a community of artists and fans with no boundaries. When a fan becomes a Pledger they become a part of the artist's journey from the studio to the stage. The PledgeMusic tools and technology are the "how" but the music and the experience are the "why." Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Musicians
Wikipedia Page


CentUp is a start-up company that allows web-based publishers like bloggers and podcasters to collect donations for their content via a button on their website. "At CentUp, we want to make the internet a better place for content creators and content consumers. We believe that pairing content with causes, is the catalyst for change." Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Ongoing transactions and Social Impact
Decentralized crowdfunding linked to specific pieces of content.
Wikipedia Page


A Powerful Wordpress Crowdfunding Platform Crowdfund, Pre-Sell or Raise Money For Your Video Game. IgnitionDeck works with any of the thousands of themes available for Wordpress, but also includes a free copy of our WordPress crowdfunding framework, Theme 500. All themes are fully responsive, fully customizable, and offer a complete all-in-one solution. IgnitionDeck Enterprise is the only professional grade crowdfunding platform for WordPress, and is backed by the best support team in the business.


Raise money for medical expenses, personal emergencies, tuition, volunteer projects, and for over 1.5 million amazing charities. CrowdRise is the world's largest community raising money for great causes. CrowdRise was named one of the "best online fundraising websites" by Mashable and Forbes. The CrowdRise community was named a "Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist" by Barron's. We beat Oprah. The NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon, Ironman, Red Cross, UNICEF, as well as celebrities like Sean Penn, Seth Rogan, Ian Somerhalder, Sophia Bush, Paul Rudd, Olivia Wilde and Will Ferrell all CrowdRise. We used to try to keep CrowdRise a secret but we're making a slight change and encouraging you to tell two friends and one person who you don't like all that much about the site. CrowdRise is committed to innovation in online fundraising. You'll raise more money for your cause, get your money right away, and keep whatever you raise since there are no goal requirements or campaign deadlines. If you don't understand how easy it is to use CrowdRise to raise money for your cause, please Contact Us, or just ask any fifteen year old. Really. Wikipedia Page


The beauty of GoFundMe is that it allows campaign organizers to invite others to take part in their story. Just as we share parts of our lives on Facebook, we also want to share our dreams, pursuits, celebrations and challenges online with crowdfunding. People will always be eager to support others they care about. GoFundMe removes the physical barriers traditionally associated with receiving financial support from the people in our lives. Funding Model: All or Nothing OR Keep it All
Focus: Helping people after accidents and illnesses
Provides 5-minute customer email support.
Wikipedia Page


Pozible provides the platform for project creators to present their ideas to a connected audience, worldwide. If people love what you're creating, they can support it by pledging money. In return, project creators offer rewards matched to the level of funding commitment. Pozible can also be a gateway for discovering and supporting inspirational projects and thinkers directly. By becoming actively involved in bringing more attention to bold new ideas, art, products and the talented people who conceive them, project supporters become a vital part of a true creative community. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Creative
Bitcoin can be used, Self-hosting can be used, One-on-One help.
Wikipedia Page


FundAnything is the best way to fund ANYTHING. It's always free to get started. The money you raise is yours to keep. No repayment is ever required. The possibilities are limitless. People just like you are using FundAnything to make incredible things happen every day! Decide what you want to fund and get started now! Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Funding for any kind of project - business, creative, arts, personal, charitable.
Fundraising backed by major celebrities such as Donald Trump.


Fundly is a crowdfunding site for online fundraising of all sizes. Fundly makes it easy for non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and many other causes to quickly raise money online from friends, family, colleagues, donors, and other supporters via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and social media networks. It is also an app for social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. It uses WePay to process donations. Donors are charged when they make a donation. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Personal, charitable, and political causes
Available as an app for a Facebook page. Charges a per credit card transaction fee.
Wikipedia Page


People like you have raised $163,800,000 using GiveForward. Starting a fundraiser is a big decision that takes courage. We're here to make your entire process an easy, joyful and memorable experience. The best advice we can give, is to tell a compelling story. No need to write a novel, but you should be specific about how the money will make an impact on your loved one who needs support. GiveForward recognizes that every situation is different. We like to focus on fundraisers that empower compassion. GiveForward fundraisers work best for: Medical Expenses including travel, medical equipment and service animals. Out-of-pocket living expenses that are associated with an illness or injury. "Bucket lists" associated with a terminal illness. Funeral expenses or memorial funds. Wikipedia Page


Indiegogo empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen. Then, we help you spread the word. Have an idea? Start a campaign. Want to make a difference in the world? Support something meaningful. It's as simple as that. Indiegogo allows people to solicit funds for an idea, charity, or start-up business. Nine million people from all around the world visit the site on a monthly basis. The site runs on a rewards-based system, meaning donors, investors, or customers who are willing help to fund a project or product can donate and receive a gift, rather than an equity stake in the company. Funding Model: All or Nothing OR Keep it All
Focus: Allows a broad range of projects
Wikipedia Page


Onevest will reshape the private equity industry by democratizing early stage investing: Connect founders to capital allowing their ideas to transform into successful companies, simultaneously creating new investment opportunities for individual investors. Early in Onevest's formation we realized that an investment community must be built on trust, and in order for a business to be trusted, its core value must be integrity. We think access to capital should depend on your ideas and ability to execute, not your contacts. Find vetted accredited investors throughout the US and internationally. Receive targetted introductions to investors interested in your company. Potential opportunities to participate in curated investor-focused events (in-person and webinars), phone calls and video pitches. Wikipedia Page


Founded in May 2013 and based in San Francisco, California, Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love. Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century. Patreon works for all types of creators: Musicians, YouTubers, Web Comics, Writers & Bloggers, Indie Gamers, Video Producers, Authors, Podcasters, Animators, Artists, Photographers, Any creator who wants to share their work! The company has signed up more than 125,000 "patrons" in its first 18 months. Wikipedia Page


Razoo is crowdfunding that makes a difference. People just like you have used Razoo to create more than 100,000 fundraising websites and to give over $400M to the causes they care about. Razoo is a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life. Generosity is win-win. Not only does it make the world a better place, it also makes us happy and fulfilled - especially when we give to the people and causes we care about most. Search for and support over 1 million officially registered nonprofit organizations. Set up a fundraiser for a nonprofit of your choice or setup a personal fundraiser for yourself or someone you care about. There are no setup fees and no monthly subscription fees. Raise money as a team on Razoo. Or simply help others spread the word about their cause.


YouCaring is dedicated to compassionate crowdfunding, providing free and easy online fundraising and support for humanitarian causes. Most crowdfunding sites charge 5% to 9% in fees just to use their platform. We never have and never will. This is because we believe that for people facing life's challenges, every dollar counts. With more than $250 million in donations raised, our free fundraising platform has saved fundraisers more than $12.5 million in fees. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Medical expenses, memorials and other personal and charitable causes
Does not charge any fees, other than payment processing.
Wikipedia Page


appbackr's mission is to index the world's apps, enabling app users to make informed and inspired decisions, and making apps accessible to everyone through the App Anatomy™ Project. App Users: appbackr indexes the world's apps so that app users can make informed and inspired decisions. Our App Index page gives users access to our data and technology. Users can enter keywords and adjust filters including appscore, price, and category to find the right app. Developers: Our App Index aggregates publicly available data from app stores that developers can use. We have built the technology that evaluates an app based on three core components: behaviors, technical performance, and user sentiment. Developers can verify their apps, contribute to our index, and unlock their appcard - data available only to the app's developer.


We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Since Kiva was founded in 2005: 1,296,439 Kiva lenders, $711,830,675 in loans, 98.72% repayment rate. We work with: 296 Field Partners, 450 volunteers around the world, 85 different countries. 100% of every dollar you lend on Kiva goes directly towards funding loans; Kiva does not take a cut. Furthermore, Kiva does not charge interest to our Field Partners, who administer the loans. Kiva is primarily funded through the support of lenders making optional donations. We also raise funds through grants, corporate sponsors, and foundations. Wikipedia Page

We created this community because we, like you, love science. We love the thrill of a new discovery. And the chance to extend the bounds of human knowledge. On Petridish, you can get involved first hand with research projects that are changing our world. Discover teams led by world-renowned researchers. Make science truly come to life by backing your favorite scientists and causes. Without your support, none of these projects could happen. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Scientific research
Wikipedia Page makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online with no tipping points or hassle. The platform may be used for ongoing fundraising as well as for one-time initiatives. can be used by organizations and individuals including charities, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, students, political campaigns, and social causes. Fundraisers can use the platform to create a page about their cause, which the site refers to as a "Rally", and collect money through the platform's payment-processing system. They can also share their story through content including photos, video and blog entries. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Medical, educational, charitable, creative, entrepreneurial, and political causes
Wikipedia Page


SellaBand is based in Munich and Berlin, the creative capital of Europe. Since its launch in August 2006, SellaBand has coordinated recording sessions for more than 80 artists or acts who had their albums funded by their fans. Over $4,000,000 have been invested in independent bands via With SellaBand, artists retain complete ownership of the works created and have the flexibility to determine which incentives they will offer their fans who fund them. SellaBand's fan funding engine also allows artists the freedom to enter into deals with any label, management company, or publisher and there are no advances to pay back. Artists maintain control over their career and have 100% freedom to create the music that they want to create. SellaBand can also be utilized by management companies, record labels, publishers, sponsors and media companies to fund projects for their own artists while also building the core fan base required to launch an artist or take them to the next stage of their career. Wikipedia Page

Human history is filled with examples of groups coming together and pooling their resources to transform a neighborhood, a community, a city, or even a nation. At Tilt, we're excited to be building software that makes pooling resources with a group just a little bit easier. Since 2012, over 300,000 groups have used Tilt to turn their ideas, large and small, into reality. Our users have done a lot to make us proud, from thousands of tailgates, fantasy football leagues, and party buses all the way to sending the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Sochi Olympics, fundraising the construction of an entire elementary school in India, bringing the Foo Fighters to perform in a small town, and everything in between. Funding Model: All or Nothing OR Keep it All
Focus: Any goal
Offers both a consumer product and enterprise solution for brands.
Wikipedia Page

Community Funded

We provide crowdfunding solutions for both individual campaigns and one-of-a-kind white label platforms that integrate seamlessly with any website. Whether you're a small business owner or a multi-campus university system, we give you the robust tool-set, knowledge base, and support to easily launch engaging fundraising projects that build and retain a vibrant community of donors. The unique scalability of our business model is that we have expertise in both running crowdfunding campaigns and managing them from a platform level, which means we pass those best practices on to you. Funding Model: All or Nothing OR Keep it All
Focus: Platform Creation for Universities, Nonprofits, and Faith-Based Organizations
Allows for white-labeled integration on existing websites.
Wikipedia Page


Crowdfunder Mission: Connecting entrepreneurs with investors around the world to help fund their business and fuel economic growth. Entrepreneurs: Crowdfunder provides a guided process, a collaborative online platform, and an investor network that enables them to raise investment capital. Investors: Crowdfunder provides the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of exciting companies that were previously exclusive investment offerings only available to the top Silicon Valley venture capitalists or industry insiders. World: Crowdfunder is refashioning the broken early-stage funding market that is critical in empowering entrepreneurship and driving innovation.

DonorsChoose is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on our site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you. When a project reaches its funding goal, we ship the materials to the school. You'll get photos of the project taking place, a letter from the teacher, and insight into how every dollar was spent. Give over $50 and you'll also receive hand-written thank-yous from the students. Funding Model: All or nothing
Focus: Education crowdfunding for school supplies
Wikipedia Page


Why raise money using equity crowdfunding? Equity crowdfunding is a way of raising funds for your business from multiple investors. It offers you as an entrepreneur a way to get funding to start, grow and/or expand your business. From your crowd investors you receive funding, but also knowledge and expertise. In return you offer investors shares in your company, encouraging commitment to the growth of your business. A typical campaign length is 45 or when the campaign closes at 100 percent funding, whichever comes first. Wikipedia Page


ArtistShare, founded by Brian Camelio, is a platform that connects creative artists with fans in order to share the creative process and fund the creation of new artistic works. ArtistShare created the Internet's first fan funding platform (referred to today as "crowdfunding") launching its initial project in October, 2003. Since then, ArtistShare has been allowing fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists by funding their projects in exchange for access to the creative process, LTD Edition recordings, VIP access to events/recording sessions and even credit listing on the final product. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Musicians
Has own record label.
Wikipedia Page


FundRazr was launched in the summer of 2010 with an enthusiastic team led by CEO and crowdfunding pioneer, Daryl Hatton. We understand the difficulties of raising money, and we are passionate about providing an alternative funding source for startups, charities, and personal causes. We believe in the power of community support and sharing your story with the world. Ultimately, we want to build great company, have fun, and help people in a meaningful way. So far, FundRazr has helped raise over $52 million from over 45,000 campaigns in 37 different countries around the world. We believe in creating a platform that is easy to use, inexpensive, and can leverage the power of the internet community. Contrary to some other crowdfunding platforms, our platform does not limit the type of campaigns we host. We want to be flexible and available to everyone, for any kind of cause, from almost anywhere in the world. Wikipedia Page


Founded in 2013, PodFund is the world's first crowdfunding platform for new media. We give new media creators a central location to raise money for their audio or video projects. If you create podcasts, internet radio, or video productions – audio or video for the Internet – then PodFund is for you and your fans! We understand the challenges of creating audio and video content for the Internet. Our mission is bring creators and fans together and provide the vehicle for creators to raise funds and reward their fans for their support. Because we are the world's first and only niche crowdfunding site for new media, creators will also enjoy the benefits of additional exposure.

Feather The Nest

Now friends and family can help you build a better life that appreciates in value over the years instead of collecting dust. Normally when you have a reason to celebrate, whether it's a wedding, birthday, baby shower or just a moving into your first home, people send you gifts that often go unused for months and sometimes get used less than once a year.


Communifunder helps you get the money you need. We've all had hundreds of ideas we wish we'd acted upon. Now You Can! At Communifunder, we provide a venue where you can raise the capital needed to make your dreams a reality. What better place to validate your idea, and get the money you need? You are in Total Control. Every project you find on Communifunder was created independently by an individual or a team of innovators. While we don't mind helping, we are not directly involved in the development of the projects behind the campaigns. Your project is our FIRST priority. You know what you need and how long it might take to complete your raise. Anyone can launch a project on Communifunder, start your application and get approved today. Funding Model: Keep it All


GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more. We've helped people from all over the world raise millions online. We've been recognized by Forbes as one of the top global crowdfunding websites and our campaigns have been featured in a vast number of leading press publications. We're really, really passionate about helping to make awesome things happen. That could range from helping you raise money for critical medical expenses, a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer trip or to launch an exciting new business. Being involved in so many personal and powerful plans, projects and causes drives us to do what we do.


You want your crowdfunding project to be successful. Period. You want your project to be where it belongs, and you want it to be noticed. You're busy and you need this to be worth your time. You want to do nothing less than to dazzle your supporters. We get it. We know what it feels like to take a risk for your passion, because we've been there (meet our team below). We see ourselves as your partner. So, we've designed everything – our site, systems and support – to help you achieve your goals today. And, we are working with governments, educators, and communities to make sure your opportunities for success will expand tomorrow. Funding Model: Keep it All
Wikipedia Page


Teespring allows you to create & sell custom apparel with ZERO Hassle, ZERO upfront costs, and ZERO risk. Teespring is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online. You design a product and sell it. The sales money pays for the production of your design and we ship it to all of your buyers. When you use Teespring you don't have to pay a dollar upfront, guess how many shirts you'll need, or have to chase anyone down for cash. It only takes a couple of minutes to launch a campaign and start selling awesome merchandise on Teespring. Wikipedia Page


The world is full of problems. GlobalGiving is full of solutions. Solutions run by innovative, grassroots projects and organizations that are working to educate children, feed the hungry, build houses, train women (and men) with job skills, and hundreds of other amazing things. GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $175,969,653 from 459,472 donors who have supported 12,152 projects. Funding Model: Keep it All
Focus: Nonprofit fundraising for registered organizations in 160+ countries
Provides 501c3 equivalency for non-US organizations.
Wikipedia Page

Start Some Good

We exist to empower you to become a social innovator. By providing social entrepreneurs, changemakers and non-profits with the tools you need to rally your community and raise funds, together we can turn ideas into action and impact. The truth is there is no shortage of problems in the world. But the good news is there's also no shortage of people with the ideas and passion to address those problems. These are our people, the changemakers. Too often however, the vision for change doesn't come packaged with the resources needed to make it happen. StartSomeGood provides social entrepreneurs with a platform to raise funds and build a community of supporters -- all in a fun, engaging and community-driven way. Our site taps into the power of community, allowing social entrepreneurs to ask for financial support from supporters from around the world. We give them the tools to update their supporters and provide unique rewards in exchange for support - on their first campaign, and for future campaigns down the road.

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